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  Aspire Art Boards Professional Series: Gessoed Hardboard    is artist grade, tempered hardboard that is sized & sealed before being triple layered with high quality acrylic ground and sanded to your preference. 


  Traditional substrate for painting

  Ideal for oil & water based paints

  Hand crafted in the USA

  Sustainably sourced materials

  Ready to use & easy to frame





Flat Panels are 1/8" thick, sturdy, light weight, and can be easily framed or mounted. 


  Easy to store

  Lightweight design

  Sturdy & warp resistant


Cradled Panels (Recommended) include a hand crafted brace using 1.5" deep, premium grade pine wood and provide a sturdy, beautiful support for a clean, finished look from edge to edge. With a cradled panel there is no need to frame your work due to the natural wood grain and 3D effect while on display.


  Premium pine wood

  Extra sturdy support

  Framing not necessary





Smooth (Slight Grip): Our smooth surface is an excellent choice for artists who want a smooth surface with the perfect amount of grip. The bit of tooth on our smooth surface ensures that your brush strokes will adhere nicely to your panel while maintaining a “buttery” quality and is a great ground for building up texture or painting alla prima.


Ultra Smooth: Our ultra smooth surface is ideal for artists looking for their paint to glide freely across the surface while maintaining full control over their brush strokes. Our ultra smooth surface is also perfect for rub-out techniques and building up transparent layers to create more depth and stunning visual effects in your work. We recommend adding a very thin layer layer of linseed oil or your medium of choice before painting for optimal paint fluidity and brush control.



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Gessoed Hardboard

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